Administrando empresas

Administrando empresas

domingo, 4 de dezembro de 2011

How important is Quality of Working Life?

The mere mechanical task, in which the employee was paid only to run and not think, as the ideas "Taylorian" has long been left aside by promising and successful organizations, since the intellectual capital has been considered the key factor for the maintenance of organizational competitiveness.

Amid the constant crises of the world's financial capital, due to the very essence of the capitalist neo-liberalism, intellectual capital has served as a basic requirement of the companies that are able to maintain appropriate standards of quality and profitability and return constant and growing, even in increasingly volatile markets, in whose belly the prevailing aggressive competition between companies to conquer the consumer market.

Thus, given the importance of intellectual capital, successful organizations also turn to their internal customers as well understood as the human resources to develop their organizational activities and contribute to the achievement of business results.

So, there are rare cases of companies that have implemented and offer their employees, some advances such as flexible schedules, remuneration for performance variables, option to purchase shares of the company, greater participation in business decisions and more challenging tasks, through the "job enrichment" or enrichment of tasks linked to the office.

All this, to keep the attractive work environment and enable a quality of life in the working area.
Furthermore, even large organizations invest in the implementation of internal centers of academia and disease prevention programs, promoted through lectures by professionals in the areas of nutrition, medicine, physical education and other specialties.

That old view of Scientific Management, which permeated much of the twentieth century, in which the employee was seen only as an appendage of the machine is giving way to an employee who, in fact, promotes the company's results and becomes the major driver organization's activities.

The "expertise" or knowledge has become one of the largest global organizations difference, however, that this knowledge is used properly, here comes the need for "sine qua nom" or essential, investment in quality of work life ( QWL).